The Springhill Group of Companies has a long, proud history of heavy civil construction in New Brunswick dating back 85 years. Springhill Group operates offices and commercial quarries throughout New Brunswick and competes in the commercial/institutional buildings market as well as asphalt paving, road building, and commercial quarrying industries.



Springhill Construction Limited (“Springhill” or “SCL”) was incorporated in 2001 to carry on a portion of the former Diamond Construction (1961) Limited and related companies (the “Diamond Group” or “Diamond”) as part of a corporate re-organization.

The first of Mr. Ashley Colter’s construction companies, Diamond Construction (originally incorporated in 1926) was created to build forestry roads and bridges in support of his growing lumber operations.

By 1950, Diamond was a major wharf and bridge builder in New Brunswick and had begun building and paving public roads during the post-war boom.  Commercial and Institutional buildings also became an important part of the company’s business at this time.  Additionally, the company had expanded its geographic scope of operations and was active in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. 

By the late 1990s, the Diamond Group had become an active member of the contracting community, and was involved in road building, asphalt paving, commercial quarrying, pile driving and the construction of larger commercial and institutional buildings, water and sewage treatment plants, highway structures and marine structures, throughout the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador.

In 2001, as the Diamond Group was well into its re-organization, Mr. George Colter (grandson of Ashley Colter and then CEO of the Diamond Group) saw an opportunity to refocus both geographically and by product line to form a much leaner, more competitive, employee owned, New Brunswick based construction company; Springhill Construction Limited.


Today, the Springhill Group operates offices and commercial quarries throughout New Brunswick and is comprised of two sectors: 


Springhill Construction Limited who is diverse in the commercial/industrial buildings market.

Springhill Infrastructure Limited who is diverse in asphalt paving, road building and commercial quarrying industries. 



Springhill Group of Companies offers multiple services as a General Contractor in the Province of New Brunswick. For more information about our construction services and quarry operations, please visit their individual pages:




Our commitment to quality workmanship has been a corner stone of our continuing success since the 1920s. 
The Springhill Group and its predecessor companies have had the privilege of working for numerous clients over the years, many of whom would attest to our high quality standards.

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